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Object D'art - Gilan Jewellery Object D'art - Gilan Jewellery

Part of the Gilan DNA is a passion for beauty and hospitality, so the House has created a collection of decorative objects: champagne flutes and crystal wine glasses designed with white, gold or diamonds and other whimsical objects signify a lifestyle dedicated to the ultimate in luxury and craftsmanship.

In ancient times, special occasions such as a king’s coronation, weddings, religious ceremonies or feasts were celebrated with grandiose and elaborate festivals. These festivals were illustrated in detail in the engravings on walls, vases, hieroglyphics and seals namely in ancient Saressa.  At these festivals, the king and queen or the married couple offered their gods and goddesses gifts of food and drink.  Among the objects that attracted the most attention was called a rhyton, which was a drinking conical container used to make holy offerings. The container was made of clay, silver and gold and embossed with eagle figures, the imperial symbol.  Remnants of these symbolic containers from Ancient Greece are exhibited at renowned museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

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