Legendary Birds

Legendary Birds - Gilan Jewellery Legendary Birds - Gilan Jewellery

The mystical phoenix and the spiritual eagle elevate you to the realm of dreams and legends.

Gilan is inspired by the legendary birds of its rich regional heritage.
Drawing on stories gathered from across Anatolian, Ottoman and Persian cultures, it celebrates the mysterious phoenix and the wild eagle in this magical and ethereal collection.
Where powerful wings express our dreams of flying and dreams become reality.

Gilan Jewellery

Magnificent Peacock

A symbol of status in the ancient Eastern civilizations, the peacock is the symbol of eternal beauty and dignity that is believed to transform evil into goodness.

Especially the Asian emperors of different times have chosen and used this magnificent bird as a symbol of empire. In fact, due to the significant values it represents, peacock motifs were only embroidered on royal attire.Moreover, in Anatolian civilizations, stylized peacock motif was used on various architectural elements.

The Magnificent Peacock Medallion, which took two years to complete with expertise of various craftsmen at each stage, consisting of Paraiba tourmalines, 18 carats of sapphire, savorites and diamonds in different cuts emphasizes our commitment to impeccable craftsmanship. This unique medallion with its elaborate craftsmanship and striking colours has been an iconic piece of Legendary Animals Collection.



Divine beauty of swans inspires stories, told through generations.

Symbolising beauty, grace, love, fidelity, passion and protection, Swan meets with the craftsmanship of Gilan.

Long-lasting relationships of swans represent the fidelity in love.

The Swan Collection, designed as a reminder of the blessings found in our relationships, evokes the feeling of gratitude for life.

Grand Pheasants

Grand Pheasants have been considered status symbols in China since ancient times. Their elegance is transformed by flawless craftsmanship into a dazzling Elegant Feather creations.

Chinese emperors in different eras picked majestic birds as imperial symbols and had them embroidered on their gowns. These birds symbolized glory and such bird motifs solely belonged on the gowns of emperors and no one else.

The inspiration behind the Elegant Feather Theme is the swiftly dancing feathers of pheasants during their romantic courtship.

Legendary Birds


Legendary Birds