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Tulip Cut

Revered for its beauty since ancient times, the tulip took on a sacred status under the Ottomans that endures in the gardens of Istanbul to this day.

In the 18th century, there was such an obsession with the tulip across cultures in both east and west, the period became known as ‘The Tulip Era’ and signified a blossoming of arts, sciences and cultural development. The tulip, always a symbol of love and the loved one, became synonymous with the sultanate and with opulance, power and wealth.

Tulip Cut 02 Tulip Cut 02

The Istanbul Tulip with its long and elegant shape, depicted in the ornate decoration of Topkapi Palace, has been chosen to create an exclusive cut with an innovative technique for precious stones patented as the ‘Gilan Tulip Cut.’

A tribute to the elegant flower with all its glorious colour that is the symbol of Istanbul.