A much loved motif since ancient times, the tulip took on even greater importance under the Ottomans and also gave its name to an era.

In the 17th and 18th Centuries, there was such an obsession with the tulip that historians have dubbed this era, the "Tulip Period".

The tulip, always a symbol of love and the loved one, became during this period, with its presence in royal gardens, synonymous with the sultanate, power and wealth.


Gilan is very passionate about exclusive gemstones and Istanbul.

Therefore, the tulip motif, the symbol of Istanbul, inspired by "İstanbul Tulip" with its spiky, thin, long and elegant shape depicted in Topkapi Palace, has been chosen to create a unique cut with an innovative technique for precious stones registred as ‘Gilan Tulip Cut’

The Tulip Cut is is exclusive to the House, an ode to the elegant flower that is the symbol of Istanbul